Li Ping, Mayor of Fuyang City, visited Anhui Yinfeng Pharmaceutical

Li Ping, Mayor of Fuyang City, visited Anhui Yinfeng Pharmaceutical

Li Ping, Mayor of Fuyang City, visited Anhui Yinfeng Pharmaceutical

On the morning of August 15th, Fuyang Mayor Li Ping, Municipal Standing Committee Member and Executive Deputy Mayor Chen Jun, Municipal Standing Committee Member Wang Yufeng, Municipal Government Secretary-General Wang Xianyi, Taihe County Party Secretary Yang Bo, Taihe County Mayor Liu Muyu, and Executive Deputy Mayor Ding Zhikai and the responsible comrades of the member units of the Leading Group for the Construction of the Strategic Emerging Industry Concentration Development Base of Fuyang City visited the production workshop of Anhui Yinfeng Pharmaceutical.

Taihe Economic Development Zone Modern Pharmaceutical Industry Cluster Development Base is one of the first 14 strategic emerging industry cluster development bases in the province. There are currently 394 pharmaceutical companies, including 102 key enterprises. In the first half of this year, the planned enterprises were realized. The output value was 6.46 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 29.1%. At present, Taihe Modern Medicine has entered a stage of development with accelerated formation of industrial clusters and gradual improvement of the industrial chain.

Li Ping pointed out that after recent years of development, the construction of Taihe Modern Pharmaceutical Industry Base has achieved remarkable results. The construction of the base has begun to take shape, the potential for development has increased, and the entrepreneurial atmosphere has been strong. At the same time, we must clearly see the problems and deficiencies in the base construction. In the next step, the relevant departments at all levels should give prominence to the construction of modern pharmaceutical industry bases as a major event in the city, regard the modern pharmaceutical industry as the city’s leading industry for development, and make the construction of bases a priority for the city’s support. Build the base into a demonstration base in the city, and vigorously promote the development of related industries.



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